Wildcard search allows the substitution of one character for another. Wildcard is possible in Word Index and Textual Search. The following wildcard combinations are possible:

Search ανα_ for words: ανα+1 character e.g. ἄναξ, ἀνάρ

Search ανα% for words: ανα+more than one character e.g. ἄναξ, αναβαθμίδα, αναβαθμιζόμενα etc.

Search for ANA as a prefix (word index)/at the start of a line (full text): ^ANA

Search for ANA as a suffix (word index)/at the end of a line (full text): ANA$

Search for the word ANA (word index only): ^ANA$

Search for ANADU or ANEDU: AN[AE]DU


Search for ANADU or ANEDU: (ANA|ANE)DU

Search for A)NADU or A)NEDU: (A\)NA|A\)NE)DU

Search for ANAD followed by anything but U: ANAD[^U]

Search for a word consisting of ANAD, then any two letters, then U: ^ANAD..U

Search for EDU or ANEDU: (AN)?EDU

Search for a numeric digit: [0-9]

Search for an Arabic numeral (a sequence of one or more digits): [0-9]+

Search for a quotation mark Beta escape ("followed by zero or more digits): "[0-9]*